Surgery for all types of cancers along with Reconstruction. Treatment of all types of blood dyscrasiass
Downstaging of advanced cancers by Chemotherapy making them                                (Anemia, MDS and Bone marrow failures)
  more amenable  for surgery (Eg. Breast cancer and Head & Neck cancer) Treatments of all types of Hematological cancers
Advanced Chemotherapy delivery techniques   (Leukemias, Lymphomas, Myelomas)
  PORTS,CATHETERS,INTRATHECAL,and INTRAPERITONEAL. Laminar flow room with HEPA filter for Stem Cell Transplant of deserving patients.
Know your Risk- Genetic testing for cancer amongst women (Breast cancer and Ovarian cancer)    
Screening for cancers amongst men    
  NGO V CAN CARE for Emotional and financial support of deserving patients.
Treated highest number of Burns from Vadodara and surrounding districts including Electrical and Chemical Burns Treatment of all Congenital anomalies ( Cleft lip, Cleft  palate, Hypospadias . Polydactyly, Syndactyly, hemangiomas etc.)
Laminar flow rooms having zero bacteria environment for treatment of Burns Treatment of Hand Injuries due to industrial accidents help in
Patients with more than 90% Burns have also survived due   preserving function of the hand.
  to hard work, dedicated staff and expertise. Treatment of Diabetic foot helps in saving the limb.
Plastic surgery for Post Burns deformities. Treatment of Bed Sores.
Friendly and dedicated staff provides the emotional support Flap surgery for exposed bone.
  required by the BURNS patients. Excellent results in management of facial fractures by Plating
Round the clock Dietician for the calorie needs of the BURNS patients.    
Diode laser for Painless Permanent removal of body hair Nose job (Rhinoplasty)
Co2 fractional laser for acne scars.  Removal of double chin
Dermabrasion for skin polishing. Lipoplasty,Liposuction for fat removal
Chemical Peel for Fairer and brighter skin  Hair transplant for baldness
Botox and fillers for fine lines and wrinkles.  Breast Augmentation and Reduction
    Surgery for drooping lids
    Removal of wart,mole or tattoo.
    Removal of Leucoderma patches